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Illuminated floor globe made with crystal glass sphere Ø 51 cm, hand-coated, fine wood base.

These COLUMBUS globes with mouth-blown spheres bring many generations of families joy, a special atmosphere, cosmopolitanism, and knowledge. They are characterized by extraordinary craftsmanship: The highly passionate glassblowers create a perfectly shaped masterpiece - just for you.

Noble, elegant, informative: our EXECUTIVE map reflects the spirit of adventure, travel and expeditions. Up-to-date and warmly coloured, this map provides all the information you need to discover the world. The historical-style political map combines authenticity with precise detail.

The steadfast detail: A globe needs firm support to develop its full appeal. With the Harmonie foot design, the floor model rests on a solid fine wood fork foot made of stained walnut and rotates in a stainless steel meridian graded on both sides, which makes the globe swivel and rotate at the same time.

10 years up-to-dateness guarantee

We give you a 10-year guarantee on the up-to-dateness of your COLUMBUS globe. We want your COLUMBUS globe to always show you the world in an up-to-date and reliable way. That's why you can have your map image updated by us in the event of a change in political boundaries - at no additional cost.*

* A perfect condition, except for the topicality, is assumed. Damaged globes are not covered by this warranty. Globe must be purchased in the COLUMBUS online store. Please send us your globe together with the proof of purchase in the original box free of charge to our globe manufactory in Krauchenwies. After checking the warranty conditions, we will send you back a new globe with the current print run of your map image.


Product information
Compatible with Explorer Pen: Compatible
Diameter: ⌀ 51 cm
Globe: illuminated
Inscriptions ca.: 4800
Map illuminated: physical
Map non-illuminated: political
Model: Hand-Coating, Crystal Glass Sphere
Mounting: Stainless Steel Meridian and Fine Wood
Scale: 1:25.000.000
Total Height ca.: 115 cm

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Send in your old globe and receive a credit towards the purchase of a COLUMBUS globe.

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